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June 02, 2023

Womens Footwear Designers - Contributors

The following is a list of designers who have made contributions to female footwear, its evolution, and the way female shoes are presently viewed, worn and appreciated.

Andree Courreges
Andrew Perugia
David Evins
Bernard Figueroa
A. Biset
Christian Louboutin
J.A. Petit
Fausto Santini
Diego Della Valle (also unisex)
Jimmy Choo
Helene Verin
Karl Lagerfield
Hubert de Givenchy
Manolo Blahnik
Sebastion Massaro
Salvatore Ferragamo
Charles Jourdan
Margaret Jarrold
Stephane Kelian
Roger Vivier
Peter Fox
Maud Frizon
Patick Cox
Zita Attalai

There have been many vital contirubitions to the form and style of womens shoes, and the above listed designers did played a marked role in its evolution. Note that some designers above date to 100 years and more (notably Biset, for example, around the late 1800's) while most others are from throughout the 20th century and later. Hence, only some of the creations, spinoffs, or remakes by or from some of these designers are available today.

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