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June 02, 2023

Top Online Shoe Stores:

Simple logistics says that shipping out pairs of shoes from large central locations often bring enormous price and selection benefits to the consumer. Not only wide varieties within certain styles, but for optimizing the chances of getting the right size and fit.
    1. Zappos
      This store, containing a galaxy of choices along with many other products such as clothing, earns our number one ranking.

    2. Shoes.com
      With a decent yet conservative roster of designer brands, including Born, Clarks, Kenneth Cole, Naturalizer, Rockport and others, they offer free ground shipping on all purchases. Try comparing the free ship breakdown to other stores' total prices. Also with a free return policy.

    3. DSW
      Most of us have seen their prominent warehouse locations but they do offer online purchases as well. So it is due to their cost, selection, and shipping incentive -- offering free shipping on orders over $75 that they make our list.

    4. OnlineShoes.com
      Big name brands for both men and women make this appealing. Combine this with their advertised free shipping, free exchanges and a 365 day return policy and they form a round alternative when it comes to shoe buying.

    5. Hitchcock (wide)
      Hitchcock, going on 61 years in business, is rare in that they offer shoes for the extremely wide foot for the male only. Their prices tend toward the incline, but this is common among special sizes in general. Sizes range from large 16 to 24 and from 3E to 6E width.

    6. Drew (wide)
      For the female and male wide foot, with females covering through 5E and mens to 6E, they allow you to search by foot condition, from Ankle Valgus to Plantar Fasciitis.

Credit Card Purchases: be sure to check if any shoe store you deal with maintains credit card numbers post-purchase, for more information see about further details on buying shoes online.

Shipping & Returns: purchasing shoes online frequently results in higher return rates, which have known to exceed 30 to 40% in cases. This renders the free return option valuable, surely if there is some degree of uncertainty when placing the order.

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