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June 02, 2023

Walking Shoes - Tops Pairs for Men

Although specifically designed for striding, the walking shoe of course is worn for many daily activities. It should provide exceptional shock absorption qualities and provide comfort both while on the move and while in standing positions. Given that the shoe will undergo physical exertion from the wearer, it should be especially durable, help to neutralize foot pressure, and exhibit not only a strategy for exiting moisture and the ability to wick away dampness/odor but also antibacterial qualities. Though this depends highly on consumer requirements.

For those with particularly sensitive feet, check on the shoes ability to accept a cushioning insert. Also, the durability of the continuous midsole, the insole, and the outsole will all be crucial for continued usage - a fact extremely dependent on the walking surface itself, be it pavement, concrete, or padded flooring. Some models do come with surface reflectors.

Among other elements integrated into the design are rollbars, gelpads, and an arch configuration that ranges from neutral to low, to high - with heel height variations too. Additionally, many makes and models are put out by athletic manufacturers. Whatever the case, the total combined effect should be tried on and worn before actual purchase.

Our rankings for walking shoes are based on overall style and quality, noting that these types of shoes are characteristically in the higher price range from the start:
    1. Ecco, Mens Seawalker Tie
    2. Rockport, RWT Classic
    3. New Balance 780 Country Walkers
    4. Kuru Insight
    5. New Balance MW812
      (athletic - bone/tan color)

Styles for Mens Walking include:

While the walking shoe basically forms its own distinct category, consumers have the frequent choice of further defining their purchase by type of weather (cold, warm) and by purpose, such as for hiking, or by occupation (healthcare, etc) or by indoor/outdoor usage.

Brands for Mens Walking footwear include:

Asics, Kuru, Saucony, Florsheim and Minnetonka, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony, Finn Comfort, Rockport, Dunham, Helly Hansen, Steve Madden, Deer Stags, Spira, Ecco and Mephisto. Timberland and Birkenstock.

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