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June 02, 2023
Johnston Murphy Casual Dress Hightop

Best Shoes For Men - Our Designer Shoe Guide

Perhaps you're looking for your next pair of shoes, or maybe you are looking for a decent resource for future reference. Then again, with so many choices and so many vendors promoting their own brands, it could be an objective resource you are after. Whatever the instance, we attempt to cut through the fluff and offer the male shoe wearer some helpful and yet realistic information on his pairs.

Designer Dress

See our rank ordering for the top five best pairs while taking price into consideration. Results give an even cross-section as well as high points that you might consider when purchasing dress shoes, along with the style of dress. Find more information on top designer dress shoes with a spread over various brands.

For those interested we have compiled a whittled list of mens shoe designers who have affected the way in which men wear shoes.

Mens Casual

Imparting design into the casual shoe means doing so with a sense of comfort and durability. This starting place for those looking into possible shoes deserves a quick look. See mens top casual pairs for our short list of the five best pairs for the money.

Walking Shoes

Again, if some suggestions at selection criteria is what you are after, this might be worth your while. This special breed of shoe deserves an more in-depth view for which we offer our input, discussing crucial topics like foot pressure, antibacterial qualities and more. Find our rankings for the top walkers available.

Mens Wide Shoes

Bringing our choices on #1 top male wide shoes for dress, casual and walking shoes. If you have a wide foot, you might owe it to yourself to give this a look.

The hit or miss process of finding the right wider fit can be simplified with our chart that plots the major designers and the widths they commonly offer - all the way to 6E. This can be a potential saver on time/effort by simplifying the choices.

Shoe Sizes for Men

Mens International Shoe Sizing Conversions
Correlates sizes for the United States, European, the U.K./Australia, Japan and Mexico.

Shoe Sizes to Inches Converters for Men
For sizes 6 through 15; provided in decimal & fractional inches and centimeters.

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