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June 02, 2023

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About Us
Our story, purpose and direction with the site.

Mens Designer Shoes

Covers the main types of shoes for the modern male. Dedicated to finding the top brands and models across different styles while aiming to provide a resource for wide sizes.

Womens Designer Shoes

For addressing the needs of the female while looking at the the best brands and pairs for the major strains of designer footwear. Includes a wide-width resource.

Shoe Sizing & Fit Guides

The proper fit is important and there are a number of elements involved, both with sizing and tied factors.

International Shoe Sizing Conversions Charts
Womens and mens Sizing converters for the U.S., European, the U.K., Australia, Japan & Mexico. Listing two sytems for the latter.

Shoe Sizes to Inches Converters
Providing mens and womens shoe size to inches converters in several formats: decimal inches, fractional inches and centimeters.

Shoe Fit Guide
Gives suggestions and helpful tips toward getting a better shoe fit.

Shoe Stores/Online Venues

Discount Designer Shoes - Store Sources
Possible sources of designer shoes and inventoried brands at discount prices.

Store-Buying Cheap Designer Shoes
Worthy points for when you go out to locate and buy a pair cheaply.


Comfortable Shoes - Keeping Them That Way
Recommendations on preserving your valuable pairs.

Donating Your Shoes
Viable alternatives for passing on footwear to those who could use them.

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