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June 02, 2023

Ways to Keep Comfortable Shoes Just That

Its enough of a task to have found and bought that favorite comfort pair. But it really doesn't stop there. By taking just a few simple short steps they provide extra service for many strides to come.


Most shoes do have a required break-in period, before they start to loosen and begin to take on some comfort. More so, for dress footwear, for both men and women, than for casual or walking types. The firmer leathers will gain bending folds and widening in some cases. It's generally best to consult with the name brand manufacturer or shoe store first, before buying, so you know what it expect on this when ascertaining the fit.


If the insole has become compressed, it might be wise to replace it. An upgraded insole can mean all the difference especially if you find yourself in standing postures over prolonged periods. Too, many inserts that ship with new pairs are of surprising low grade. Some companies, such as Superfeet, manufactures quality inserts but whichever you choose make absolute sure the fit is proper for your foot.


For mens shoes, a corner heel tap can be placed on the outer wear corner. This, in turn, can affect the positioning of the shoe as you walk, in particular as the heel hits the ground onward. Of course the more raised the heel, certainly for ladies stilettos and pumps generally the less comfortable the shoe will be from the get go.

Important: the choice of heel and arch type, and its ability to take wear should be evaluated prior to purchase.

Wearing The Shoes

Shoes should always be worn on a rotational basis. This gives the inner compartment a chance to ventilate and dry. Depending on the shoe material, and the shoe's integrated strategy to exit and manage foot moisture, this alone partly determines how long the shoe will last.

Walking Surfaces

Only walk on concrete and paving if it is really a must. If you are exercising, choose areas that provide more shock absorption, impacting the foot itself less.

Shoe trees, preferably cedar, can help maintain the desired shape and the shoes should be stored in an area with at least some circulation.

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