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June 02, 2023

About Our Shoe Guide

Our site was established, September, 2004. Since then, we have continued to place an increasing emphasis on the shoes themselves, their quality, design, distribution and on the buying process in the interest of the consumer. We now consider ourselves a leading source of buyer information on designer shoes, stores (online & retailers) and sizing assistance while covering and ranking some of the best shoes available on the current market for both men and women.

All articles and content are developed entirely in-house, and we do not take part in submissions of content by outside sources - this, to help ensure rigor during the process.

Our reference collection is alive for the wearers' interest. We are uncompromising while acting in the services of the end user. As such, as you may have noticed, it is our policy that 'We do not sell shoes'.

We can be reached at:

Currently there are no job openings. Feel free to check back at any time or to provide input.

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